Youth Voice Amplified

A few nights ago, City Impact held our second Community Conversation evening of the summer. This one focused on hearing the voices of our students. Dozens of youth and staff gathered, enjoyed a meal, and engaged in meaningful conversation.

“The purpose of these gatherings is to connect with the community and create a space where they are seen, heard, and ultimately empowered to take action,” says Lisa Guill, Communications Director.

Participants practiced listening to one another, they shared about their experiences at City Impact, and their dreams for the future.

Here are a few things we heard from City Impact youth:

“When I come here, everyone knows my name and they care about me.”

“I see God at City Impact, in what we learn at CI Kids and how we lead.”

“I love that we get to go places and see new things! Like the field trip to Lauritzen Gardens. It was so much fun!”

“I just feel happy when I come to City Impact.”

Youth leaders created a “harvest board” of the ideas shared throughout the night. The next Community Conversation will be held in October. Ideas gleaned from the previous conversations will be brought to the table inviting the group to determine next steps.

“This is truly an empowering exercise! I’ve seen the beautiful connections and actions that can come out of these gatherings. There’s so much potential for the conversation we had tonight. I’m excited to see what comes next,” says Ruth Sorilla, Community Conversations Leader.

“I loved leading a conversation group tonight. It’s fun to hear what everyone has to say about City Impact. All the students have big ideas about where we can go!”

Maray, Youth Leader and Youth Board Member