The hand of God appears in our lives at unexpected times, steering us toward destinations where we can best use our talents and fulfill the desire of our hearts to serve. In 1996, when Brad Bryan’s friends left on mission to Los Angeles, California and he stayed behind, it was a blessing in disguise. While his friends were gone, he learned about a single mom from Nigeria whose three boys were struggling in school. Brad began tutoring them and suddenly realized he was fulfilling a mission right here at home. Brad’s experience provided the seed of an idea that he and his wife Carma, along with many amazing people, have grown into an abundance of loving service from the community, to the community.

City Impact began with a weekly Bible club and has grown into a fruitful epicenter for change, with programs and people who help transform youth and their families from the inside out. Read the latest news and see photos of achievements close up. It is our wish, through God’s love and grace, with help from those who believe in our mission, that we may continue for many years to provide opportunities for hope and empower youth and their families to embrace their own goals and dreams for tomorrow! Help transform lives from the inside out by being a volunteer, giving a gift, and through prayer or contact us to learn more.