We’re Making An Impact

City Impact Programs

“Empowering young hearts and minds with faith, knowledge, and love at CI Academy. Here, we believe that every child is a precious gift from God, and our mission is to nurture their spirits, expand their minds, and guide them toward a brighter future. Through education, we equip our youth with the values, character, and wisdom to become compassionate leaders who will positively impact the world. Join us on this transformative journey, where faith meets excellence, and dreams take flight.”


– Kristy Goodwin, Executive Director

CI Academy

 Offering faith-based education for youth, blending academic excellence with spiritual growth

Through our Academy, CI students achieve:

  • Academic Excellence: We offer a rigorous curriculum that adheres to high academic standards, fostering intellectual growth and critical thinking skills. Our qualified and caring teachers guide students through a wide range of subjects, ensuring they receive a well-rounded education. From mathematics and science to language arts and social studies, we strive for excellence in every area of study.
  • Faith Formation: Central to our program is the development of a vibrant and personal relationship with God. We provide biblical instruction and encourage students to explore the teachings of Jesus Christ. Through daily devotionals and engaging discussions, we aim to deepen their understanding of scripture, instilling values of compassion, integrity, and humility. We promote an atmosphere where students can freely express their faith, ask questions, and grow spiritually.
  • Character Building: We believe in nurturing the whole child, and character development is an integral part of our program. We emphasize virtues such as kindness, respect, honesty, and empathy, encouraging students to become compassionate and responsible individuals. Through service projects and community outreach initiatives, we teach them the importance of giving back and making a positive difference in the lives of others.
  • Enrichment Activities: In addition to academic and spiritual growth, we offer a variety of enriching activities that expand students’ horizons and foster their talents. Whether it’s participating in sports teams, engaging in fine arts programs, joining clubs, or attending leadership workshops, our students have the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their skills. These activities provide a well-rounded educational experience that nurtures their physical, emotional, and creative development.

CI Kingdom Living

Empowering and inspiring families to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Kingdom Living Program for Families is a comprehensive program that focuses on holistic development and strengthening of family bonds. Through a combination of interactive workshops, activities, and community support, we aim to create a nurturing environment where families can thrive.

CI Sports

Providing unique and enriching experiences for youth, promoting character development, teamwork, and spiritual growth through the world of sports.

At City Impact, we believe that sports can be a powerful tool for fostering strong values and building a strong foundation in the Christian faith. We offer a wide range of sports activities and programs tailored to different age groups and skill levels, ensuring that every participant can find their passion and excel in their chosen sport.

Our dedicated team of coaches and mentors are not only highly skilled in their respective sports but are also committed Christians who are passionate about nurturing the spiritual growth of our CI kids. 

In addition to training and competition, our program emphasizes character development and the integration of Christian principles into every aspect of sportsmanship. We encourage ou CI kids to demonstrate integrity, humility, and respect both on and off the field, recognizing that their actions are a reflection of their faith.

CI Gifts of Love

Providing Christmas with Dignity to thousands of need-qualified families in Lincoln.

At City Impact, we believe in sharing the gospel, love, and kindness of Jesus Christ. The Christmas season is a financial burden for more than half of the people living in City Impact’s core neighborhoods. With families struggling to make ends meet, what better way to give the gift of love than by helping them celebrate Christmas and bring joy to hundreds of kids?

Our signature program, Gifts of Love, allows us to do just that as families and volunteers shop side-by-side in a gym filled with thousands of brand-new gift items in our onsite Christmas Store.

Through God’s provision and the efforts of many community partners and volunteers, hundreds of local families are given the chance to purchase new toys, household items, and electronics at a small fraction of the retail price – making gift-giving more affordable.