Our Mission

Community. Excellence. Growth Mindset. 

Through a Christ-centered biblical worldview, City Impact empowers and equips kids and families to rise above vulnerable circumstances, radically transforming into who God created them to be.

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Small Acts.
Big Impact.

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Our Approach

Programs To Help Youth & Families Thrive

CI Academy

CI Academy is designed for parents or guardians who desire a faith-based education for their children. CI Academy provides a comprehensive and enriching program that combines academic excellence with spiritual growth.

CI Kingdom Living

CI Kingdom Living is designed to empower and inspire families to live a purposeful and fulfilling life based on Christian principles. Through a combination of interactive workshops, activities, and community support, we aim to create a nurturing environment where families can thrive together.

CI Sports

CI Sports Aims to provide a unique and enriching experience for athletes of all ages, promoting character development, teamwork, and spiritual growth through the world of sports.