Growing the Ripple of Empowerment

This week, we celebrated our graduating 5th graders at CI Kids. Students K – 4th grade, youth leaders, teachers, volunteers, and parents gathered to cheer on the grads as they crossed the stage one by one.

The graduates walked through a tunnel comprised of youth leaders whose ranks they can join in the fall. This rite of passage is not only significant for the 5th graders, but also their younger peers at CI Kids.

“When kids see their siblings and neighbors leading, they can believe in their own potential to become leaders. It’s the ripple of empowerment!” says Renee Meyer, CI Kids Director.

“5th grade is a tough year. Students feel ready for more freedom, but the responsibility that accompanies it can be challenging. This class has a beautiful curiosity about their growing faith.

“They’ve asked great questions about God, questions that help them find themselves in God’s story. They are strong, brave, and (usually) kind. I am ridiculously proud of them!” says Renee.

“Some of our grads really snuck up on me. I can’t believe how grown they are already!” says Angela Pillow, CI Success Coordinator, and photographer. “At CI Kids they’ve built great friendships that will really help them navigate middle school.”

“I can’t wait for these 5th graders to join CI Youth in the fall! Each one of them has great potential, whether they see it yet or not,” says Sherri Lafler, CI Youth & Mentoring Administrator.

Congratulations, CI Kids 2022 Graduates! We love you guys. We’re excited for you. We’re WITH YOU!

These students are READY for 6th grade!