Summer Reading Camp

“Camp has sparked something in Leon. He’s so proud to be reading at home now. He wants to read to everyone!”

CI Reading Supports Students During the Pandemic

This June and July, City Impact’s Summer Reading Camp is reaching 57 children with fun, engaging, and interactive literacy tutoring, while prioritizing all directed health measures. We are SO excited to have kids back in our building!

The Lincoln COVID Sewists made and donated dozens of masks to City Impact for our students to wear. We are so thankful for their partnership and care for our kids!

CI Summer Reading Camp includes:

  • One-on-one tutoring sessions for each student
  • Book clubs where students read together and discuss an on-level book
  • Literacy themed art projects, active games, and a meal
  • A FREE library, intentionally featuring books with characters our kids can relate to. Each student chooses a book every week to keep!

“We want our kids to LOVE to read! We designed camp to ignite that love of reading,” says Ashley Larson, CI Reading Director. 

Thanks to generous community support, we were able to create a library large enough to send each kid home with 7 books! From classics to contemporary young adult fiction to history and science themed books, our students were blessed with a great selection to choose from.

Our youth leaders have been a huge help during Summer Reading Camp, leading small groups and reading with students. Readers are leaders!

The feedback from students and parents has been overwhelmingly positive. Leon, a 1st grader who struggles with developmental challenges, is thrilled with Summer Reading Camp and his new books.

“Camp has sparked something in Leon. He’s so proud to be reading at home now. He wants to read to everyone!” says Leon’s grandma, Angela.

We originally planned for Summer Reading Camp to run six weeks. However, rising COVID numbers cost us the last two weeks of camp. 

Despite this setback, we are so grateful for the opportunity to provide literacy support to our youth this summer. City Impact Reading will continue to find creative ways to reach young readers!