Mentoring Full Circle: Lucas’ Story

I found a support system at City Impact that helped me stay grounded. - Lucas

Mentoring Full Circle: Lucas' Story

Lucas is a Success Mentoring student who graduated from Lincoln Northeast last year. Today, he’s a freshman at Southeast Community College and a volunteer leader at CI Youth every Thursday night.

Lucas started in the Success Mentoring program during his junior year of high school.

“I didn’t really take anything seriously at the time. Meeting with Dustin gave me the confidence and knowledge to set goals and go after them. He has really supported me and connected me with professionals who can help me reach my dreams,” says Lucas.

“What impresses me most about Lucas is his drive,” says Dustin Oltman, City Impact Program Director and Lucas’ mentor. “On top of Success Mentoring, he decided to join us on the Youth Leadership Trip last summer, and he loved it! We drove cross-country connecting with nonprofits and churches and touring historical sites. Then he decided to come volunteer at CI Youth.”

Lucas with Dustin and other leaders on the Youth Leadership Trip
Lucas and friends on the 2021 Youth Leadership trip

“My biggest fear was getting tossed into the world after high school. I found a support system at City Impact that helped me stay grounded. Then Seth invited me to help at CI Youth, and I started leading the middle school boys,” says Lucas.

“Lucas is really committed to his faith,” says Seth Roepke, CI Youth Director, “It’s a big part of his identity, and he wants to share that with other youth. Lucas is great with the middle school boys! Since he’s close to their age, he understands them. They connect really well.”

Lucas is certainly experiencing mentoring through City Impact, but he’s also leading as a mentor at CI Youth.

“Sometimes kids open up about hard times in their lives. Coming to City Impact is an escape for them. I can relate to that. I like that I can make a positive impact on their lives,” says Lucas.

“Lucas can do anything,” says Dustin. “He’s pursuing an education while going after his real-estate license and learning the business. But he’s also making time to be a role model at CI Youth, which means a lot to these boys. He’s going to be the guy who forges a path and reaches back to help others follow.”

“For me, success is having a good connection with God, loving my neighbor and my family. I have a plan that I’m chasing. But God is always at work, so I know I can trust the outcome,” says Lucas.

Lucas is a mentee, mentor, student, entrepreneur, and rising leader. We’re proud to have him in the City Impact family.