"Karina knows that she can take chances and that she and Josh are in this together." - Emily

Karina was a third grade student at McPhee Elementary. A naturally playful and sweet girl, Karina struggled greatly in reading which had caused her confidence to plummet.

By third grade, students are not simply learning to read, they’re reading to learn. In fact, 66% of students who are two or more levels behind in reading by fourth grade will become incarcerated or dependent on government assistance later in life.

Karina’s teacher, Emily, knew that if she couldn’t catch up by the end of the year, Karina could become a statistic.

Emily matched her with an IRC volunteer, Josh. The two began to meet weekly, and Josh tailored their tutoring sessions to Karina’s fun-loving personality by approaching the readings like a game. Soon, Karina was engaging with the material as her fluency and comprehension progressed.

The wall of shame that had formed around her disintegrated as Karina’s literacy skills grew. Words came more easily, and so did her smiles. Josh helped her find joy in learning and belief in herself.

“Karina knows that she can take chances and that she and Josh are in this together,” said Emily.

By the end of the school year, Karina was reading at grade level and at the top of her class in reading comprehension. Through IRC and Josh, she transformed from failing to thriving!

*Names changed for privacy purposes.