“My life would be completely different without City Impact. It came at a time in my life when I really needed it. It’s been a way to guide me in life.” - Jameeya

Launching Leaders – Jameeya’s story

Jameeya is a student leader at City Impact, and a senior graduating from Lincoln High in a few short weeks. When she came to CI as a 4th grader, she and her younger sister were being raised by a hard-working single mom.

She had already been through a lot in her young life – her parents’ divorce, losing her uncle to an overdose, then losing her grandfather to Alzheimer’s. With mom often at work, Jameeya helped care for her sister, Jaydlynn, taking on big responsibilities before she was even in middle school.

At City Impact, Jameeya found a second family. She had peers with similar home environments who became close friends. She found a place to learn about Jesus and grow in her faith. She had a mentor whose focus was to get to know Jameeya and build her up.

In sixth grade, as soon as she was able, Jameeya became a Youth Leader. Every Tuesday night, she would lead a group of 4th graders, guiding them through questions, showing how to find Bible passages, and building relationships.

“I see myself in these kids,” says Jameeya, “The kids here are so welcoming and make connections right away. I’m super close to several of the girls. They look up to me for advice.”

In 2015, Jameeya went to Kids Across America camp for the first time and was blown away.

“I just crave camp. The counselors are so good! I learn something about myself every time. It’s life-changing. Coming home from camp, I feel like the best version of myself,” says Jameeya. This summer will be her 5th year at camp.

As a teen, Jameeya has grown close to her CI Youth teacher, Kristin.

“Kristin has been a great spiritual mentor to me,” says Jameeya, “She brings all of us high school girls together and creates a space for us to explore our faith, ask tough questions, and learn about Jesus.”

Through various leadership opportunities and mentors, Jameeya has learned about her strengths and interests. From the Philanthropy Leadership Team to her mentor, Alyssa, Jameeya has discovered passions and purpose, she has felt seen and cared for.

Even as a busy senior at Lincoln High, Jameeya continues to serve weekly as a Youth Leader at CI Kids.

“I definitely think CI does a great job of creating youth leaders. Our mentors here teach us and empower us to teach others, to lead now. I want to live my life through Christ. My goal in being here is to build such strong relationships with the kids I’m mentoring that they will call me for advice when they’re going to college,” she says.

Finding community at City Impact has been pivotal for Jameeya.

“Connections are really important to me. I found that here and appreciate it a lot. City Impact is like a family, and we’re all growing in our faith. We’re with each other, not against each other. I’ve grown up with these people, and I know they’ll always have my back, no matter what.”

“My life would be completely different without City Impact. It came at a time in my life when I really needed it. It’s been a way to guide me in life,” says Jameeya.

This fall, Jameeya will be a freshman at UNL studying to become a nurse. AND she will be continuing as a leader at City Impact, mentoring our youth. Jameeya’s dreams have been shaped by her journey at City Impact.

“I want to travel. I want to be a medical professional, to help people. I want to be a foster parent, to help hurting kids and give them a safe, loving environment,” she says.

Jameeya is already part of the ripple, and her impact is just beginning.