Hopes & Dreams: Evening of Impact

"I am the result of generational impact, and I will continue that impact to the next generation.” - Kenzie

Last week, with more than 270 guests present, we celebrated Hopes & Dreams: Evening of Impact. We heard stories of the ripple of generational impact from teens and parents. For over 22 years, City Impact has worked to mentor, teach, and empower under-resourced youth in our community. The results of this ripple are amazing.

 Youth Leader, Kenzie, and City Impact Alumna turned volunteer, Jameeya, led the evening in addition to sharing their own stories. Both Kenzie and Jameeya have found a faith home at City Impact and cultivated a desire to give back in the form of servant leadership.

Kenzie’s story actually began with her mother, Katie, who was a City Impact kid 20 years ago. Today, Katie is on staff at City Impact working with some of our most challenging kids every week, in addition to her full-time position at Lincoln Public Schools as a sign language interpreter.

We heard from City Impact parent, Clarice, whose children started as Impact Reading students and are now part of our faith programs. Her oldest child, Lynajsha, struggles with Oppositional Defiance Disorder and ADHD. Lynajsha’s City Impact teachers and Youth Leaders know that she is not defined by her disorders. With the support of her City Impact family, Lynajsha has grown and matured exponentially and is now serving as Youth Leader.

Jameeya and Keitan talked about their journey as Youth Leaders, growing in confidence, connecting with kids, and learning about servant leadership.

The thread of generational impact weaves through the lives of so many families at City Impact. We were encouraged to share just a few stories last Monday night. Thank you to all who came to support our youth and families. Thank you to all who have given of time, talents, and treasure over the years to make this ripple of blessing possible.

Kenzie summed up the evening perfectly in her speech, when she said, “I am a legacy. City Impact is building a legacy, one kid, one family at a time. I am the result of generational impact, and I will continue that impact to the next generation.”