Hopes & Dreams 2019

Dreams realized, what a beautiful thing!

A few weeks ago we gathered, shared, and celebrated at Hopes & Dreams 2019. Over 170 guests enjoyed an evening of inspiring stories, dreams realized, and dreams in progress.

We heard from youth leaders Layla and Zahria, who serve every Tuesday night at CI Kids. We learned about a teen struggling with depression and identity but seeing Jesus’ healing hand in the midst of pain. We laughed watching David and Makai, two middle school youth leaders, launch cutips at Lizzie for a minute-to-win-it game. We cried as Drew talked about finding unconditional love through her City Impact mentors.

Perhaps the most inspired people in the room were our youth themselves. In the days following Hopes & Dreams, several of our teens were motivated to share how the evening inspired them. Kenzi was so moved by her peers’ performances in such a formal environment, that she determined SHE wants to be on the stage next year. Zahria was motivated to see herself as a leader and begin planning for college. After watching his sister speak, Malachi began looking for employment and skills development opportunities for himself that same night. Who knew an event created to inspire our investors, would impact our youth so significantly?!

Thank you to all who joined us for Hopes & Dreams this year. Your faithful partnership is invaluable to Kenzie, Zahria, Malachi, and all of our youth!