Operations Director


Reports to:

Executive Director


Full-time, Support Staff (40 hours/week)


Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 4:30PM

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Who We Are:

City Impact is a faith-based, youth development non-profit in Lincoln, Nebraska. We mentor, teach and empower under-resourced youth and families on a path of life transformation. We live and serve where our community needs it most. We work with them to remove emotional, physical, and spiritual barriers, allowing them to flourish. We don’t just hand kids a Bible – we walk alongside them, equipping them to empower others. When a child knows their purpose, they will lead.

Job Purpose and Goals:

The City Impact Operations Director provides vision, leadership, staff coaching, and day-to-day oversight of the operational systems, structures and teams that maximize the operating effectiveness of City Impact. This position will give direct oversight to Facilities Operations, Safety/Security, IT Finance, Risk Management, and Facilities Maintenance.

This position is non-ministerial.

We are looking for someone exemplifies the love of Christ, loves people and who can humbly serve a role that demands flexibility and confidentiality.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

The five Key Roles you will be responsible for in this position are:

  1. Finance, Accounting & Procurement
  2. IT & IT Infrastructure
  3. Campus Operations
  4. Facilities Maintenance
  5. Safety/Security

Finance, Accounting & Procurement

  • Ensure financial budgets are designed, prepared, executed and monitored with integrity.
  • Manage City Impact’s financial operations according to established GAAP and City Impact guidelines, audit compliance, and compile periodic written financial reports to the City Impact Board or other Committees.
  • Manage the organization’s property and liability insurance policies and help assess risks and mitigation.
  • Ensure all organizational compliance with all local, state and federal guidelines.
  • Review and supervise the review of submitted contracts and agreements.
  • Oversee asset management including major purchases, technology, and ensure accurate accounting and depreciation.
  • Manage financial accounts in our banking relationship, short- and long-term credit, savings and investments.
  • Lead financial meetings with the Executive Director, and the Leadership Team and work directly with the Board of Directors Finance Committee to ensure proper stewardship of City Impact’s finances.

IT & IT Infrastructure

  • Direct and oversee the IT strategy and budget for procurement, system integration, internet policies, and purchase of IT equipment.
  • Directs office-related vendors, including IT software and support, copiers, and the phone and internet system and security.
  • Assist in the development of the annual IT budget; analyze and control IT costs.

Campus Operations

  • Lead and manage a team to complete all scheduled work and maintenance follow up to ensure quality results.
  • Effectively engage with appropriate senior officials in federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to address risks from workplace violence, domestic terrorism, data integrity, and intellectual property theft.

Facilities Maintenance

  • Oversee building and grounds utilization and care through effective systems design and implementation including event planning, room set up, janitorial services and scheduled maintenance of equipment and assets.
  • Ensure continued activities maintenance including new construction, painting/drywall, repairs/remodels, carpentry, hardware, electrical and HVAC.
  • Snow Coverage: Stay up to date on weather forecasts, being prepared for any winter storm, especially on high days of facility utilization. Plan a course of action with your supervisor, and coordinate with other staff and vendors to enact the plan.


  • Lead in the planning, identification and integration of cost-effective security and risk management practices into the day-to-day operations of City Impact including loss prevention, crisis management, and crisis recovery.
  • Prepare and implement a Severe Weather Threat/Tornado preparedness plan and conduct annual training and evaluation of the plan.

Competencies and Skills

To perform the job successfully, the following competencies should be demonstrated:

  • Professional: Approaches others in a tactful manner, using discernment; reacts well under pressure; dependable; exercises discretion and confidentiality with sensitive information.
  • Strategic Planning and Innovation: Able to effectively envision, plan and implement strategies to accomplish goals in alignment with the Vision and Values of City Impact.
  • Strong Organizational & Project Management Skills: Ability to process and track information in an organized, effective manner which leads to the proactive and successful implementation of projects and initiatives; able to manage multiple projects or tasks at the same time; demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness.
  • Effective Communication: Clearly and concisely communicates effectively through written or verbal channels in one-on-one or small group contexts; checks for understanding and clarity.
  • Effective Interpersonal Skills: Exhibit and fosters healthy individual and team interaction through high emotional intelligence and strong relationship building skills.
  • Action Oriented: Actively motivates self and others to initiate action as needed and is willing to plunge into tasks/projects despite difficulty or uncertainty; works in an efficient and optimistic manner to achieve goals in a timely fashion.
  • Collaboration: Works with others to achieve common goals; creates win/win solutions to issues; a relationship builder in team-focused environments.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Adapts and responds positively to changing circumstances and competing demands; able to deal with frequent change, delays, or unexpected events.
  • Computer/Technical Skills: Intermediate to advanced use of Microsoft Suite (including Excel), Salesforce™, Security Systems, Quickbooks.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business and/or Certification in Facilities Management (FMC/FM®).
  • 5+ years of business, finance, accounting, facilities management or related experience preferred.
  • 3 years supervisory experience.
  • Solid understanding of facilities management principles, non-profit accounting desired.
  • Ability to prioritize workload and manage multiple tasks and responsibilities.
  • Non-profit experience a plus!

Character, Calling, and Chemistry

  • Christ Centered: You build your life around Jesus, with an open heart allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and inspire you.
  • Team Oriented: You love being part of a team, being able to work across departments/divisions/roles, using the skills and gifts of others to create better outcomes.
  • People Savvy: You relate well to all kinds of people from different backgrounds and cultures; you effortlessly build rapport, and nurture constructive and effective relationships.
  • Self-Awareness: You know your personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and limits (SWOT); you seek feedback and gain insights from mistakes; you are open to criticism and are not defensive.
  • Trustworthy: You are honest and consider discretion and confidentiality to be a priority.
  • Outgoing: Not afraid to engage people you don’t know in conversations.
  • Passion for Serving: Enthusiasm for serving people well and attending to details.
  • Ability and Courage: Ability to effectively engage with people and invite them into deeper connections.
  • Positive Contributor: Make positive contributions to the staff culture, with team collaboration as a top priority.

At City Impact, every staff member must be aware of and embrace the responsibility to represent the mission, vision, values and Statement of Faith.

Method of Evaluation

  • A 30-60-90 day review by your supervisor based on your quarterly goals, your performance in the five roles of the position, and your fit with the staff core values.
  • Quarterly and Annual Reviews based on your stated quarterly goals, the five roles of the position, and your fit with the staff core values as observed by your supervisor.
  • Input from staff and volunteers.

Subject to the Constitution of the United States and all applicable local, state, and federal laws, City Impact does not discriminate on the basis of an individual’s race, color, national or ethnic origin, biological sex, age, genetic information or disability. As a religious organization, we reserve the statutory and constitutional right to hire individuals who share our sincerely held religious beliefs and can affirm our Statement of Faith.