City Impact Leadership

A collection of programs which provides strengths-based leadership opportunities to motivated under-resourced youth

“Rising leaders are not defined by their circumstances. They’re defined by their potential.”

– Zahria, CI Graduate


When kids see their peers leading, they become confident in their own potential to lead. The ripple of empowerment starts with youth leaders in our programs.

City Impact Leadership is a collection of programs and opportunities open to aspiring leaders, who are regularly attending and engaged with City Impact’s core faith programming.

Purpose/Vision: Our goal is to see youth empowered through understanding of their talents and strengths and equipped to be servant leaders in their community.

CI Kids Youth Leaders

Youth who volunteer to serve in our CI Kids program leading groups of students, teaching, and mentoring elementary-age kids. Youth leaders are fully trained and help with many aspects of the program. Available for grades 6-12. Youth application and interview required.

Time commitment: Every City Impact Kids Tuesday from 5:00 – 8:00 pm

CI Reading Youth Leaders

Youth who volunteer in our CI Reading program, serving as tutors and small group leaders for elementary age students. Leaders help with various aspect of the program including activity stations. Available for grades 6-12. Youth application required.

Time commitment: Tuesdays throughout the school year from 4:30 – 6:00 pm

CI Youth Council

A select group of students who self-identify as leaders. The purpose of the Youth Council is to equip rising leaders by developing their leadership skills and to empower them with a voice for decisions at City Impact that affect them. Available for grades 6-12. Youth application and interview required.

Time commitment: Thursday evenings throughout the school year from 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Youth Interns

The interns are upperclassmen or young adults who have a track record of demonstrating leadership within City Impact programs. They learn how to plan and prepare for youth programming and serve as designated leaders on the Youth Council. Available for grade 11 – young adult. Application and interview required.

This is a paid position, working about 10 hours per week, hours vary.

Youth Leadership Trips

Connecting young leaders with dynamic organizations outside Lincoln, learning from community leaders, experiencing culture, food, and fun. Destination and length of trip varies from year to year. Available for grades 6-12.

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