Job Opportunities

Our excellent youth and programs need excellent support and leadership. If you would like to be a part of our team, we welcome you to apply to any of these positions you feel called and qualified to fill.


City Impact, an evangelical Christian non-profit empowering youth and families in Lincoln’s urban neighborhoods, is seeking a Classroom Teacher for our City Impact Kids program (PreK – Grade 5). 

CI Kids teaches Biblical essentials and empowers youth to use their God-given gifts to impact their world. Primary responsibilities include overseeing and managing the classroom, creating an environment for building relationships and learning, teaching the curriculum, managing the schedule, enforcing high behavior expectations, carrying out disciplinary procedures, encouraging and shepherding adult and youth volunteers in classroom, and supervising small groups. 

Additional responsibilities include prepping curriculum and making brief contacts with volunteers outside of class during the week.

Hours are Tuesday 4:45pm – 8:30pm, plus 45 minutes of planning (4.5 hours/week). Hourly pay is $10.25-$11.25 an hour based on education. To apply please fill out an online application or email City Impact at

City Impact, a faith-based organization ministering to youth and families in Lincoln’s urban neighborhoods, is seeking a Site Coordinator Sunday and Tuesday night faith programs. These programs teach biblical essentials and empower youth to use their God-given gifts to impact their world, serving 80-100 pre-K through 5th graders every Tuesday night and 50-70 6th through 12th graders every Sunday.

Primary responsibilities of the Site Coordinator include: set-up and tear down of program resources, vacuuming and cleaning program area, assisting parents and staff, answering questions, managing students throughout the program, snow removal when necessary, and being available to solve problems as needs arise on Tuesday and Sunday nights.

In addition to these primary responsibilities on Sundays, the Site Coordinator will also serve as Video Game Coordinator during our weekly “Hang Time”.  This includes responsibilities such as: Set up and take down of video game equipment (systems, projectors, speakers, etc.), set up of table and chairs, identifying new games, creating tournaments or challenges for the students to compete in, organizing all technology supplies/resources, and supervising teenagers during hang time.

This position includes a fair amount of physical work including lifting/moving tables, chairs and other program resources, and manual snow removal. Applicants must be physically capable as well as able to pass a background check to safely work with children.    

The hours are Tuesdays from 4:30 – 9:30pm and Sundays from 4:30pm-9:30pm, plus 1 hour as needed for planning (up to 11 hours/week).  Hourly pay is $10.25-$11.25 an hour based on education.  To apply please fill out an online application at or email City Impact at or