Impact Reading Center

Helping all children, specifically those most vulnerable, reach grade level in reading.


The Impact Reading Center (IRC) is a relationally-based, volunteer-driven, intensive reading program which utilizes research-based curriculum and teaching techniques to get students at or above grade level in reading. It’s vision is to empower all children, especially those most vulnerable, with the life changing benefits of literacy.

Note: Impact Reading does not operate during the summer.  Specific days and times for volunteer sign up will not become available until the end of August 2018. Please leave your contact information by completing the volunteer sign up link and we will contact you the moment they become available.

Reading Success

600+ struggling readers loved on and empowered with literacy by 300+ weekly volunteers at Clinton, Elliott, Hartley and McPhee Elementary Schools

  • Measurable gains in reading by 97% of students.
  • 76% of students who started the year behind ended the year at or near grade level in reading.
  • Students who received even one quarter of Impact Reading literacy instruction continued to make appropriate reading gains after the literacy intervention had ended.
  • 99% of volunteers reported they believe their time invested volunteering made a positive difference.
  • 100% of volunteers reported they enjoy being an Impact Reading volunteer.
  • 6,000+ volunteer hours provided 12,000+ one-on-one tutoring sessions

“One of my students was so far behind, we started out doing Kindergarten level flashcards. By year end, he was ready for second grade. Confident. Capable. Prepared for a new year and a new teacher.”

“I just love first graders. Been doing this for 7 years. They come in knowing so much more than they used to. It is just so fun to work with them. To see the lights come on. I love those moments.”

“I love the diversity of the kids. Some of my favorite moments are with my ELL kids. That “Ah ha!” moment when they just get it. I just love that.  They get so excited which makes me excited.”

“I really enjoy volunteering with IRC. The kids smile so big when they see you that it melts your heart. And the improvement they make in a year- WOW! I just hope I am making as much of a difference to them as they are to me.”

“I started volunteering with IRC because I wanted to serve somewhere. I am a retired teacher so I figured this was something I could do that would be fun- AND IT IS!”

IRC Volunteer Opportunities

Returning Volunteers:

Please fill out:

It is not necessary to fill out a new background check.  

If you have any questions, please email Stacy Umbenhower

New Volunteers:

The background check needs to be printed out, signed, and returned to the City Impact office.  It can be returned electronically to Stacy Umbenhower or mailed.

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