Give to Lincoln Day

How to Donate

Give to Lincoln Day is designed for online giving. However, you can also give via check.



  1. Date the check May 28th, payable to Lincoln Community Foundation. Write City Impact in the memo line.
  2. Mail by May 23rd to Lincoln Community Foundation or City Impact:

Lincoln Community Foundation

215 Centennial Mall S Ste 100

Lincoln, NE  68508

City Impact

1035 N 33rd St

Lincoln, NE 68503

3. Check donations may also be dropped off at any Lincoln West Gate Bank branch via drive thru, between May 1 – May 28. Visit their website for Drive-Thru Hours.

 *Cash donations can be delivered to the same locations as check donations. If you prefer to give cash, place in a labeled envelop detailing: Give to Lincoln Day donation, Your Name and Address, Designated Nonprofit, Amount Enclosed. 

** Household gifts exceeding $10,000 will be eligible for match fund dollars up to $10,000. Any amount in excess of $10,000 is ineligible for the match fund.

Go to GiveToLincoln.com and Give BIG

From May 1st through May 28th, gifts can be made to participating nonprofits online at GiveToLincoln.com.  Minimum donation $10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Give To Lincoln Day is a 24-hour event that encourages everyone to contribute to Lincoln and Lancaster County nonprofit organizations through a single online giving platform on May 28th. Give To Lincoln Day is coordinated by Lincoln Community Foundation, in partnership with local nonprofit organizations.

Every donation makes a bigger impact on Give To Lincoln Day because nonprofits also get a proportional share of a $500,000 match fund.

The purpose of Give To Lincoln Day is to promote philanthropy in Lincoln and Lancaster County. There are three primary goals:

1. Introduce new donors to our nonprofit organizations.

2. Help Lincoln nonprofit organizations tell their stories and educate Lincoln about the positive impact they have on our lives.

3. Shine a community spotlight on this day of charitable giving to raise a substantial amount of new money to support local nonprofit network.

Give To Lincoln Day is intended to be a bonus fundraising opportunity for local nonprofits in our community. It is not intended to replace or interfere with donors’ gifts to a nonprofit organization that would be made in the regular course of charitable giving.

On May 28th, gifts can be made to participating nonprofits online at GiveToLincoln.com from 12am to 11:59pm, or in person at Lincoln Community Foundation office between 8am and 5pm.

Donations can be scheduled online in advance, starting May 1. Scheduled gifts will be counted in the dollars raised on Give to Lincoln Day and qualify for matching funds.

Donations may also be made in person by cash or check at the Lincoln Community Foundation office from 8:00am to 5:00pm on Thursday, May 28th. Checks must be written to Lincoln Community Foundation” with the nonprofit name specified in the memo line.  All donations are final and cannot be refunded.

Give to Lincoln Day used to be conducted through Razoo.  The website has been switched to Givetolincoln.com.  Any donations made through the previous Razoo page will not be matched by the Lincoln Community Foundation. 

The minimum donation on givetolincoln.com is $10. There is maximum donation limit of $10,000 per nonprofit per household.  There is no maximum amount an organization may receive.  Gifts made to satisfy prior pledges are not eligible for matching funds.

Household gifts exceeding $10,000 per nonprofit will be eligible for match fund dollars up to $10,000, and any amount in excess of $10,000 will not be eligible for the match fund. Lincoln Community Foundation reserves the right to deny, condition or modify the distribution of match grants if deemed necessary in the judgment of its Board of Directors.

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