2021 was a year of growth and opportunity for City Impact youth. Despite the continued stress of pandemic pressures, the faithful support of our community provided new pathways to success for our students.

YOUTH INTERNS: Two paid youth interns were brought on staff – upperclassmen with a track record of empowerment and initiative in City Impact programs and with their peers.

YOUTH COUNCIL: A select group of students focused on equipping rising leaders by developing leadership skills.

LEADERSHIP TRIPS: City Impact middle schoolers trekked to Denver, and high schoolers went on a cross-country leadership trip. Students visited museums and nonprofits, toured historical sites, and learned from fellow ministries. What a tremendous opportunity for these budding leaders.

Growing the Ripple of Empowerment

The ripple of empowerment grew in 2021 as recent CI Youth graduate, Zahria, joined CI Kids staff as a teacher.